We all walk, and whether we like it or not, people get impressions of us by the way we carry ourselves. That graceful gait is your poise and confidence being reflected in how you walk. Or that slump and shuffle an indication of your insecurities with the surrounding environment. So walking with your back straight, not sloughed, stepping decidedly and softly, one foot in front of the other if you are a woman, is the best way to say, “I’m here. Take note.” Now there are many ways to say this. In a museum, it is a quiet, but attentive meander. On a busy street, it is purposeful stepping and a smile as you exchange greetings with a fellow pedestrian. There are many aspects to walking. When you have to catch that bus, it is a quick sure stride, not bumping into anyone, but a deliberate thoughtful advance toward the bus. When walking, have a balanced gait, walking as if you have someplace to go. Even walking to the park to sit and enjoy a sunny morning deserves your best effort.