Be you young or old, you can always remake yourself. You find this need when you discover how you have grown. A remake can be any change that you want. Do you want a career change, from the corporate to the educational world, a change from living in the city to the suburbs, or vice versa? Do you need to admit that you are never going to get in those size eights and so size 10s are calling you to discover their styles and adventures? Or maybe you want to get into those eights, because you still like them, and they are symbolic of your healthy past. Have you added a leaner diet and everyday exercise to your life? It’s not too late! Start with fifteen minutes a day, a big salad for lunch, and go from there.

These etiquette club members want to know more about appropriate dress, because they were drawn to learning about how they could improve themselves, inside and out, from practicing outward manners to discovering a gracious life, all of it free, if you want it. Find out who you want to be, and then remake yourself.