It is not the win, but how you play the game that counts. That is the main point for a good sport, and for a young man or young lady of good character. The good sportsman plays fair. He has respect for the rules and for the authorities of the game. He doesn’t shout and pout at the officials. He plays hard and wins humbly. He plays hard and loses gracefully. He shakes hands before and after the game, no matter who his team is playing; no matter who wins or who loses. How can we take these qualities off of the court and into the world of school, business and social success?

First, play fair. Don’t cheat on tests. That means you have to study, study, study. Studying gives you knowledge first, then expertise, and finally confidence. But knowledge is the door opener. Next, don’t cheat in business. Don’t sabotage a colleague’s project because you didn’t think of it, or because it goes against your business model, or because you are afraid he may get more of the boss’s attention. Bad feelings from others aimed at you will be around longer than a money bonus. Quiet seething from colleagues is dangerous for your career health. And finally, don’t cheat in your social life. Be open and honest with all of your family and friends. That does not mean reveal what you want kept to yourself, or give everyone in your life special considerations you only feel for a select few. Just be honest, be fair, and be a good sport.