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Thurston Whitaker
Etiquette & Character Education for Youth


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General Questions

Do I need any etiquette training or background to teach or run the program?
Any adult can teach and run the program. You do not need any prior etiquette knowledge to successfully teach the class.
I am not a teacher, can I teach this program?
Any adult can teach or run the program, even if you have never taught before or are not a teacher. Most adults who run the programs are after-school program teachers or directors.
Do I have to do all of the activities?
The teacher can choose which activities to do with their program. However, they are all so much fun that you should do them all!
Can I make copies?
Absolutely! For personal use, copies are permitted for account holder only. For professional use, copies are permitted for the organization, and its designated agents when used for programming.  Your organization can make as many copies of all purchased material for the life of your organization.
Does Thurston Whitaker take purchase orders?
Yes, we take purchase orders from municipalities, public schools, and select nationwide organizations, like the Boys and Girls Club for example. Please fill in your purchase order information on the website or email  We will either process your order immediately upon receipt of purchase order number or call for more information.
Is the curricula still available in hard copy form?
All of our material is only available on the website and downloadable.
What is your return policy?
All sales are final sale. There are no refunds or exchanges. Accounts are non-transferable.

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