Men want to be gentlemen. One way to encourage gentlemanly behavior is to encourage his chivalrous acts. Chivalry is an influential part of a civil, pleasant society.

For men, here are a few tips:

  • Make the assumption that women like chivalry.
  • Open doors for them.
  • Pull out chairs.
  • Pay on the first date but don’t try for a goodnight kiss. When a man behaves like a gentleman, he should be rewarded with a smile or a thank you. Or maybe a second date.

For ladies, here are a few tips:

  • Be gracious in receiving these kind acts.
  • Be pleasant.
  • Be patient enough for him to do these things.
  • Always say thank you.
  • Ultimately, he is choosing to be nice to you, so enjoy the nicety!

Ladies, encourage gentlemanly behavior by making sure that nice guys finish first. If you shun the bad boys, you will discourage their numbers. Recognize a man’s considerate demeanor as a strength, and let him know that you see it as such. Be receptive to a man’s positive inclinations and it will encourage more!