Saeed Singletary

Saeed Singletary was an eighth grade science teacher and sixth grade math teacher. She co-authored The Charming Child: Etiquette for Boys and Girls. Currently, she is the Program Manager with Thurston Whitaker and provides support for those organizations who seek out help in implementing our etiquette and character education programs nationwide.

About Our Program

Etiquette and formal manners have always been an interest of mine. Contrary to casually winging it, predetermining what to do and say keeps stress and misunderstandings at bay. My love of formal rules and reading Judith Martin, especially as I was attending many weddings, was a fitting precursor to the beginning of the etiquette program for the all-girls cluster, in which I taught.

There were many good girls in the cluster, but I could see that they needed to learn some straightforward facts on etiquette. I began to teach them etiquette rules. They loved it, their parents encouraged me, and my etiquette teaching became more formal as the girls asked me “the right way” to do or say things. 

I created a 16-week program which fits well over the course of an academic school year. Allowing for vacations and three-day weekends, I came up with a 16-week semester of club meetings and off campus events. While I worked to fashion interesting yet pertinent lessons, I devoted an hour after school for prepared etiquette lessons for girls who were willing to put their etiquette knowledge to use. 

This program is flexible enough for any organization to use all or as many lessons as your time and budget permit. The teen curricula are structured around four units: Your Best Self, Social Leadership, Social Literacy, and The Social Graces. The coed units are structured around four units: Putting Your Best Self Forward, Developing Responsibility, Social Letters and The Social Graces. Teen Etiquette: Lessons in Gracious Living, Teen Etiquette: Lessons in Grooming a Gentleman and The Charming Child are not just about which fork to pick up. It is about teaching all who participate that gracious living is accessible to anyone who seeks it.

To this day, I have former, now grown-up students approach me with what a good English teacher I was. And they always bring up how I changed their lives with “The Etiquette Club: Literacy and Leadership through Gracious Living.” It was indeed the knowledge of what gracious living was and that it was available to anyone who wanted to live a gracious life.

Saeed Singletary

Happy Customers

I think this was a great program for the young ladies. I could tell from the final program that they learned a lot and had a good time doing so. My daughter looked forward to attending each week and always came home to share what she learned.

The kids had a blast and to see them using the lessons they learned has really made me happy to know that I helped children learn something new that will help them in many ways when they get older. 

 I think that it is important for all students to know how to interact with others. How you present yourself is very important in all aspects of life.

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