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Etiquette & Character Education for Youth

Lessons in Gracious Living, Lessons in Grooming a Gentleman and The Charming Child comprise our etiquette and character education curricula. Each curriculum comes as a user-friendly teacher’s guide and student workbook. There is no prior etiquette or teacher training necessary to use the teacher’s guide and run your own after school or in-class program. The user-friendly guide explains all that you need with step-by-step instructions. For more information on the etiquette curricula, please click here.

Etiquette of the Month Features


After-School Program of the Month
Our etiquette and character education program is so much fun! Share your enthusiasm by submitting your photos, video clips and testimonials from your after-school program and you may be our Program of the Month!


What’s Going On!
We have many character education and after-school programs across the nation. This section features the many ways that the etiquette program is carried out in different organizations. Please submit your pictures and testimonials and you may be featured as one of our programs!


Etiquette Today
Enjoy the same character building activities as our after-school programs! This section will showcase exciting video or mini-lessons, opinions and etiquette program activities. Stop by and check it out.


Why Is Etiquette Important?

Etiquette is from the French, which means ticket. A ticket to enter the royal court meant one knew the rules of best behavior. What we know as courtesy derives from best behavior at the royal court. Modern etiquette is important because it helps us become our best selves, so that we may lead positive, successful, happy and gracious lives. Etiquette also helps us become considerate and generous. It encourages fairness and empathy.

Knowing the rules of society means knowing the right things to do and the right words to say. Etiquette is a confidence builder, and as we get more confident through “knowing the rules of courtesy,” we show others how important those rules are in everyday life.